Kicking off 2024!

Kicking off 2024!

We are only 11 days away from kicking off our 2024 racing season! I say this while we currently receive snow in York, PA which is right down the road from Lincoln Speedway. Welcome to Pennsylvania! 

I'm really looking forward to this season as a driver. I'm very confident with our 2D program. We had speed everywhere last year and we know what we need to do with our racecar. Of course there is always improvement to be made, but we have a gameplan for those areas we need to work on. Aside from that, it comes down to me being a better driver. Being in a fast car makes a difference. I don't need to worry about our car having speed, but more about what I need to do behind the wheel. Watching race after race from last year, there was a lot I did wrong that cost us great finishes and potentially more wins even if our car wasn't the best on the track. This is the area that I've been solely focused on for this upcoming season. Mentality and confidence are key. 

For the Zemco 1 car, obviously my mentality going into this year with them is no different. Tommy Carl and all of the guys working on this car have been doing so for quite a long time. Their history as a team speaks for itself. The biggest keys to success with the Zemco car this year will be building chemistry and learning how to adapt to Port Royal with their racecar. I know we'll be able to accomplish a lot together and I'm ready to get rolling with this team this year! Another great opportunity that I am so grateful to have. I need to thank John & Peewee Zemaitis as well as Tommy Carl again for giving me this chance.

To finish off our preview on the year, we have the Bruce Lee silver crown car. Although we will only get to about three races again this year, it'll be three races I look forward to the most. I enjoyed every race we ran last year as it was something completely new to me. The results surely helped with the enjoyment, but I liked the new challenge and the different atmosphere. 410 sprintcar racing can be extremely stressful at times, but being able to run the crown car was simply fun. In all honesty, I believe it helped me become an even better driver. I had to adapt to an entirely different car, way of racing and new tracks. It helped me behind the wheel of the 410 from a confidence aspect. My goal is to win one of the races we compete in this year. 

A lot going on this year! It's going to be busy, but definitely a lot of fun. We kick it all off on February 24th & 25th at Lincoln Speedway for their Icebreaker event! 



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